Amaris Hotel Kupang

Amaris Hotel Kupang

Once a fuel stop and staging post for pioneering aviators on the Europe-to-Australia run, today Kupang is a pleasant and modern city, and a major stop on the annual Sail Indonesia yachting event. Long fought over between the Portuguese and the Dutch, the capital of Indonesia’s East Nusa Tenggara province is a melting pot of peoples from across the archipelago, and home to historic colonial-era ruins. Kupang is also known for its fine ikat cloth, and unique weaving techniques.

Located in the heart of Kupang’s main business centre, and an easy 15-minutes drive from El Tari airport, Hotel Amaris Kupang provides a comfortable and convenient welcome to every traveller looking to do business in the city, or simply explore one of eastern Indonesia’s most fascinating regions.

Created to meet the needs of the modern-day urban professional, every Amaris hotel offers a stylish yet affordable alternative, complete with modern amenities and professional service.


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LSU Pariwisata Enhaii Mandiri 186

Jl. Bund. PU No.1, Tuak Daun Merah, Oebobo, Kota Kupang, Nusa Tenggara Tim. 85228