Grage Hotel Cirebon

Grage Hotel Cirebon

Grage Hotel Cirebon is the ideal place to unwind and make the most of Cirebon’s warmth, richness, and cultural beauty

The hotel has 114 rooms, 10 meeting rooms as well as a spa, restaurants and lounge in a strategic location. Making Grage Hotel Cirebon the ideal place for business functions and family leisure

“Grage Hotel Cirebon proudly share to you that we have been recommended by Cosmopolitan Indonesia as one of the must-go travel accomodation in Cirebon. Located in central Cirebon makes us very easy to reach from any Cirebon tourist destination”


Hotel Bintang 4

Jasa Akomodasi Hotel

LSU Pariwisata Enhaii Mandiri 186

Jl. R.A. Kartini No. 77 Cirebon , Jawa Barat 45123 – Indonesia